Welcome to the website of the Montessori School, Herzogenaurach.

Our small Montessori School is located in the “Lohhofgebiet” of Herzogenaurach. When you walk through our front entrance, you will be impressed by the warm and cosy ambience of our school environment. Our students are keen to go the “Monte” in Herzogenaurach. They feel embraced & at home.

This atmosphere should remain as our school continues to grow. In addition to our Primary/Elementary School with mixed age classes of grades 1 to 4, we have since the school year 2010-2011, the Secondary/ Middle School up to grade 9 at the moment. From 2014 onwards, with the construction of a new school building, on-going classes until grade 10 are planned.

We invite you to get an overview and look forward to your queries about our school organisation.

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