Primary/Elementary School

The important prerequisite for admission to Primary/Elementary School is the school readiness of the child. The child should have attained the social and physical developments needed to be able to participate in school life. When your child is assessed to be school ready, there should not be any further obstacles in our acceptance. The only exception: When there are more applications than places available, we need to select the children based on other criteria. This selection will be undertaken by the teachers and is independent of residence, kindergarten or timing of application.

At our Information Event Evening (Informationsabend), you will have the opportunity to have the first interaction with our teachers and to obtain further details about the admission process. Information brochures and application forms for the registration will also be readily available for you. During our Open House Day (Tag der offenen Tür), you and your child can have the chance to try out our self-learning work activities (Freiarbeit) and establish new contacts.

During our Introductory Lesson (Schnupperunterricht), the children will have the hands-on try-outs of the Montessori School concept of learning under the guidance of our teachers in small groups. Also during this session, both the teachers and children will have the opportunity to interact with each other. The Introductory Lesson is held yearly in February or March at predetermined times and with duration of around one hour. At the same time, the parents’ interviews will run parallel and in in-between, the parents can socialise with the parents of our current students whilst enjoying our coffee and cake buffet. Latest upon registration, the “Bescheiningung des Gesundheitsamtes für die Schuleinschreibung” (Certification from the Health Ministry for the enrolment) attesting to the enrolment and U9 (6/7 year old milestone medical check-up) examinations of the child should be submitted.

The application forms for the school registration can be downloaded from our website and are available at our Information Event Evening.

You can obtain all the important information from our website or by contacting our office at the telephone number: 09132-75031-100 as well as during our Information Events.

Introductory Lesson (Schnupperunterricht): During the Introductory Lesson, we will interact with & get to know the children and vice versa. The Introductory Lessons for the Primary/Elementary School be held between February 19 and 29, 2018 upon invitation and for the Secondary/Middle School in June 2018. If your child likes our school and we want to enrol your child, you will receive a school contract from us.

This will take place after the Introductory Lesson. Once the contract is signed, it is contractually binding between both parties and the enrolment of your child is guaranteed.

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