Secondary/Middle School

Our Secondary/Middle School is currently in the expansion phase. In autumn 2010, we launched the first class of grades 5/6. Until 2014, we plan to expand by one class per year, so that in 2014, we will have the complete classes of grades 5 to 10 established.

To be eligible for enrolment for grade 5 of the Secondary/Middle School, the child should have completed grade 4 of Primary/Elementary School either in the public school or in another Montessori School. The application forms for the school registration for the Secondary/Middle School can be downloaded from our website and are available at our Information Event Evening.

You can obtain all the important information from our website or by contacting our office at the telephone number: 09132-63 08 18 as well as during our Information Event Evening as noted below.

The Information Event Evening for the Secondary/Middle School will be held on 29.04.2013 at 19.30 hrs.

Registration: The dateline for the school year 2013-2014 is 03.06.2013.

Introductory Lesson (Schnupperunterricht): At the Introductory Lesson, it is when we interact with & get to know the children and vice versa. The Introductory Lesson will be held on 06.06.2013. If your child likes our school and we want to enrol your child, you will receive the school contract from us.

Once the contract is signed, it is contractually binding between both parties and the enrolment of your child is guaranteed.


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