Leaving certificates

Here, all students do the same thing:
obtain a diploma.

Those who have their child educated at a private school usually expect something more. More from their child, but above all from the school. The Montessori School Herzogenaurach is a private, state-approved school. For many years we have been successfully preparing our students for the state school-leaving qualifications. After the qualifying secondary school leaving certificate and the Mittlere Reife, our students successfully enter the profession or they continue their way at our Montessori Fachoberschule in Nuremberg up to the Abitur.

Details of the school career

The Montessori graduation
End of grade 8
Preparation and presentation of the individual “Great Work”

State school-leaving certificates
Our students can acquire the Montessori Certificate, the Secondary School Certificate, the Qualifying Secondary School Certificate, the Secondary School Certificate and at the MOS Franconia in Nuremberg the Vocational Baccalaureate and the University Entrance Qualification in the standard school period of 13 years in Herzogenaurach.

End of 9th grade
Secondary school leaving certificate if successfully passed

End of 9th grade
Examination for the qualifying secondary school leaving certificate (“Quali”)

End of 10th year
Examination for intermediate school leaving certificate (“Mittlere Reife”)

End of grade 12
Examination for the Fachhochschulreife (“Fachabitur”)

End of the 13th grade
Examination for University Entrance Qualification (Abitur)

The Montessori school system

Depending on individual talent and personal learning success, all examinations for the state school-leaving qualifications up to the Abitur can be taken successively at our school and subsequently at the Montessori Fachoberschule in Nuremberg.

Secondary level II
MOS13th gradeâ–¶General University Entrance Qualification
MOS11th – 12th gradeâ–¶Fachhochschulreife (advanced technical college entrance qualification)
Secondary level I
10th gradeâ–¶Mittlerer Abschluss, qualifies to attend FOS/MOS
5th – 9th gradeâ–¶Secondary school leaving certificate and Qualifying secondary school leaving certificate
Primary level1st – 4th grade

Admission to secondary schools

Students who wish to continue their education at a state secondary school (Realschule) or a state grammar school (Gymnasium) must take part in an entrance examination, the so-called trial lesson. In intensive counselling sessions from the 3rd grade onwards, we discuss the further school career of the child in order to gain clarity about the further career at an early stage.

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