A class leader and an educational specialist work together in each learning group. The class teams are assisted by specialist teachers and school support staff. We consider ourselves not only as providers of knowledge, but also help the children and teenagers to develop their individual abilities. As such, we do not only teach subject matter, we are rather companions and coaches of our students.

The class leaders and the subject teachers have completed the state training for the teaching profession (primary school, middle school, secondary school or grammar school) and have additionally passed a Montessori training. This additional qualification is also mandatory for the educational specialists. In regular team meetings, supervisions and cooperation meetings, there is an exchange about pedagogical aims and case discussions. Close collaboration is very important to us as a team so that we are always able to reflect on and develop ourselves further.



From left Stefanie Ferber (deputy head of secondary school), Rebekka Oberhofer (head of school), Christin Schmid (deputy head of primary school)

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