School fees and talent hours

School fees

There are no public Montessori schools in Bavaria yet. Therefore, our school is supported by an association which has to charge school fees in addition to the state funding. Since the Free State of Bavaria does not aim for full funding of our school – even in pure comparison to the public schools – we are dependent on the school fees.

In return, however, we can offer special services, such as double staffing by teachers during self-organised learning time.

Non-refundable registration fee143,42 € one-time fee
Primary school fees211,54 € per month
Secondary school fees283,26 €per month
Sibling discount for younger siblings20%
All-day class primary level23,91 €per month
Secondary all-day classfree of charge

Talent hours

he idea of parents contributing their “talents” for the benefit of the school originated with the founding parents. Since then, this parent work of 40 hours per family and school year has led to real cost savings as well as increased team spirit in the school community. For example, working in a work group is just as possible as helping with materials, repairs, supporting projects or accompanying on excursions.

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