Primary school

The child at the centre of the educational process

Maria Montessori showed deep respect for the uniqueness of each child, and developed a completely new way of perceiving the children’s needs. Only through targeted observation it is possible to follow the developmental steps of our students precisely in order to challenge and encourage them in a targeted manner.

Maria Montessori considered the human being as a being who does not come into the world ready-made, but develops according to an inner construction plan in active confrontation with his environment. It is thereby important that each child has its own individual pace of development, which cannot be influenced from the outside.

The innermost problem of our pedagogy is to give each child what his presence requires at any given time.

Maria Montessori

At our information evenings you will have the opportunity to get a first impression of our teachers and to find out more about the enrolment process. Information packets and application forms for school enrolment are available for you. On the Open School Day, you and your children can have a look at the free work and make further contacts.

During the taster session, the children experience what learning at our Montessori school is like in small groups under the guidance of our teachers. This gives both sides the opportunity to get to know each other. The taster session takes place every year in February or March on fixed dates and lasts about one hour. In parallel, the detailed parent interview takes place and in the remaining time parents can exchange experiences with parents who already have children at our school over coffee and cake. A “certificate of the health office for school enrolment” about the school enrolment examination and the U9 of the child must be available at the latest for school registration.

All-day classes

At the Montessori School Herzogenaurach there are currently three bound all-day classes (mixed grades 1-4) in the primary level. The teaching hours of the all-day class are Monday to Thursday
from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm/4:00 pm with an integrated lunch break and alternate phases of tension and relaxation.

The all-day classes are a school offer and pupils commit themselves to attendance by registering.
Our experience shows that in the primary level, especially in the first weeks, a school day that lasts into the afternoon is a great challenge for the first graders.

The focus for them in the time up to the Christmas holidays is mainly on relaxation phases.
If necessary, we grant the necessary time and work in consultation with the families to facilitate a gradual, gentle settling in process.

Details of the all-day class
  • Times: Monday to Thursday from the end of school until 3:30pm as a school-required time. In addition, the additional care for the all-day class (GTK) can be attended after school and on Fridays for a fee.
  • Pedagogical objective: Continuation of the Montessori pedagogy. Alternation between individual leisure time, guided activities, time of silence and self-organised learning. Exchange with the teachers. Project offers according to the pupils’ interests (acrylic painting, filming, room design, various handicraft offers).
  • Progress: Free play, if possible outside from 1:15 to 2:00 p.m.: Lunch in the cafeteria and free time (some offers), 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. quiet time and self-organised learning, from 3:00 p.m.: projects, offers or free play.
  • Group: Fixed group of classes 1-4, in the medium term all all-day class children are also to be taught together in the morning.

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