Enrolment procedure and counselling

For enrolment in the primary school, general school readiness is the most important prerequisite that a child should fulfil. And for enrolment in the secondary school, passing the fourth grade. At the same time, it is important to us that you – and also your child – enjoy coming to our school and that you do so with full conviction, and accordingly we offer you a variety of opportunities to get to know us:

  • Information events from the basics of Montessori pedagogy to material work and dealing with digital media.
  • Open day to try out self-organised learning, for discussions with parents, students and teachers.
  • Taster lessons and meetings with parents after registration to clarify questions and values.

We expect you to attend two to three events relevant to you before we admit your child. Do you still have questions? Our school secretary will be happy to help you.

Counselling topics

But it is not only before school enrolment that communication between parents, the students and the Monte team is THE most important element. Regular meetings with parents, often together with the child, are also an elementary component of our cooperation during the school years. In addition to our experienced colleagues, external experts are available with their knowledge.

Cooperation with counselling services

  • Mobile Special Education Service (MSD)
  • Educational and family counselling centres
  • Youth Welfare Office
  • Pediatricians, therapists, child and youth psychiatrists

Counselling at school is voluntary for those seeking advice. It is confidential, unbiased and objective. It is also free of charge.


Each school has a counselling teacher who is available to talk to about school career decisions, school law issues and school problems. School psychologists are often responsible for several schools and can also be contacted for all questions related to school problems.

At our school, the tasks are taken over by the counselling teacher:
Ms. Kerstin Schneider
Appointments by arrangement under schulberatung@grundschule-aurachtal.de

The school psychologist in charge is
Ms. Tanja Feder-Scherbaum
Appointments by arrangement under 01522 4430931 and Katharina.Pfeuffer2@schule.bayern.de

Als Schulpsychologin zuständig ist:
Frau Tanja Feder-Scherbaum
Appointments by arrangement under t.feder@max-und-justine-elsner-schule.de and 0160 98706852

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